Newspaper Articles

Bismarck Tribune. (Bismarck, D.T.), 2-08-1884 The Capital City, column 1, middle of page.
Bismarck Tribune 02-19-1886, Whitley the Banker column 3
Saint Paul Globe 07-06-1886 Roosevelt 4th of July Speech at Whitley's Bank
Wichita Eagle. (Wichita, Kan.), 4-28-1889 H J Whitley Elected Councilman Column 2
The Herald 10-14-1898 H J Whitley's elegant establishment opened column 5
Los Angeles Herald, Volume XXVIII, Number 64, 4 December 1900
The Coconino Sun 12-8-1900
House and Lot LA Times 4-5-1901
Hollywood Making Many Improvements LA Times 4-25-1901
New Cahuenga Valley Boulevard LA Times 5-26-1901
BOULEVARD IS WANTED Los Angeles Herald, Volume XXVIII, Number 234, 22 May 1901
Boulevard Inspection Trip LA Times 6-27-1901
Blvd. Enthisiasts Given Object Lesson LA Times 6-28-1901
Outlook Improving for Sunset Blvd. LA Times 8-11-1901
Doings On Hollywood Blvd. LA Times 9-12-1901
Whitley's Popular Opening LA Times 11-24-1901
Improvements in Hollywood Los Angeles Herald 11-26-1901
Sunset Boulevard Project LA Times 3-15-1902
Naming County Roads LA Times 3-30-1902
House and Lot LA Times 5-18-1902
Beach Resorts, The San Francisco Call 6-15-1902
Holiday For Hollywood LA Times 6-27-1902
House and Lot LATimes 8-10-1902
Hollywood Bank LATimes 8-31-1902
Hollywood Boulevard LATimes 9-14-1902
House and Lot LATimes 10-12-1902
Hand Out To Methodists LATimes 10-19-1902
Boulevard Headed For Los Angeles Gates LATimes 11-2-1902
Among Real Estate Owners and Dealers LATimes 11-16-1902
House and Lot LATimes 11-16-1902
Second Projected Hollywood Boulevard LA Times 11-25-1902
House and Lot LATimes 11-30-1902
Ocean View Tract LATimes 1-4-1903
House And Lot LATimes 1-11-1903
Hollywood LA Times 2-1-1903
Schools Outgrown About Hollywood LA Times 2-8-1903
Among Real Estate Owners And Dealers LA Times 3-8-1903
Hollywood LA Times 3-15-1903
Gala Boulevard Day LA Times 4-16-1903
House And Lot LA Times 4-19-1903
Hollywood LA Times 4-22-1903
Farewell Banquet To Mrs, Whitley LA Times 4-24-1903
Los Angeles Herald, Volume XXX, Number 201, 26 April 1903
Doings of Builders and Architects LATimes 5-24-1903
H J Whitley Jewelry Company's Marvelous Growth LA Times 6-21-1903
Banquet to H J Whitley, Los Angeles Herald, Volume XXX, Number 278, 12 July 1903
Hollywood Boomer Knocked Off His Feet LA Times 7-11-1903
BANQUET TO H.J. WHITLEY Los Angeles Herald, Volume XXX, Number 278, 12 July 1903
A Sample LA Times 11-8-1903
Death of Angeleno in Copenhagen LA Times 9-15-1903
Handsome Profit LA Times 12-8-1903
Flowers Rivaled Gems LA Times 12-10-1903
Hollywood LA Times 2-10-1904
Hollywood LA Times 2-17-1904
Hollywood LA Times 5-8-1904
Hollywood LA Times 5-15-1904
Happy Bouldevard Celebration, Hollywood LATimes 5-15-1904
Hollywood, Whitleys Go Aboard LATimes 5-29-1904
News of Society LA Times 10-30-1904
How Hollywood Has Grown LA Times 2-5-1905
Progress Told at Banquet LA Times 5-2-1905
Will Develop Lands North LA Times 6-4-1905
H J Whitley Pallbearer, Los Angeles Herald 3-14-1906
Entertain In Hollywood LA Times 9-9-1906
Large Realty Sale Made LATimes 9-14-1906
Farewell To Mrs Whitley LATimes 7-17-1907
Society, Los Angeles Herald, 7-18-1907
Two Hundred Banquet Los Angeles Herald, Volume 34, Number 326, 23 August 1907
Industries Found By Southern Capital LA Times 9-8-1907
Going On Long Journey LATimes12-23-1907
Bank Business Is Encouraging LATimes 1-1-1908
Irrigation Pointers LATimes 2-6-1908
Return from Holy Lands, Los Angeles Herald 4-1-1908
Imperial Valley Press 4-18-1908
H J Whitley Co's Diamonds, Los Angeles Herald 7-12-1908
Retiring LATimes 10-18-1908
Los Angeles Herald 12-20-1908
Plant Egyptian Cotten LATimes 1-10-1909
Society, Los Angeles Herald 2-13-1910
H J Whitley Vice President Home Savings Bank, Los Angeles Herald 4-11-1910
Great Land Opening, Los Angeles Herald 5-22-1910
Spreading of 47,100 Acres, Los Angeles Herald 5-29-1910
House, Lots and Lands LATimes 10-17-1909
H J Whitley founder of Hollywood, Imperial Valley Press 11-20-1909
Los Angeles Herald 5-25-1910
Los Angeles Herald 5-26-1910
Los Angeles Herald 5-29-1910
Mrs. H J Whitley donates $1000 to YMCA, Los Angeles Herald 12-10-1910
Profits Follow Improvements, Los Angeles Herald 12-25-1910
Van Nuys, Built In Day LA Times 3-12-1911
Realty Men Hold Revel LATimes 7-16-1911
The 100th anniversary of Hollywood’s first movie studio 10-26-1911
Sales Increase LA Times 1-21-1912
To Specialize LA Times 2-25-1912
Stork Hovers O'er The Vale LA Times 3-28-1912
Tribute To Father of Hollywood LA Times 6-29-1912
For Young Idea In New Field LA Times 8-11-1912
Home Bank Add Another Branch LA Times 5-25-1913
Blaze Of Light On Sherman Way LA Times 11-2-1913
Pacific Ocean Highway Is Strong Possibility LATimes 12-13-1913
Lights Blaze Welcome To Admiring Thousands LA Times 6-7-1914
New Owensmouth Bank LA Times 11-10-1914
Honolulu Star-Bulletin. (Honolulu [Oahu, Hawaii), 1-28-1916
To Span Nation With Highways LA Times 2-20-1919
Whitley Heights Opened LATimes 6-24-1920
Era of Development Dawns For Highlands LA Times 4-15-1923
Opening of Whitley Park The Van Nuys News 6-22-1923
The Magic Story of Hollywood LA Times 3-28-1924
End Comes To Mis LaMarr LA Times 1-31-1926
Father of Hollywood Dies Hollywood Daily Citizen June 4, 1931
Death Calls The Father of Hollywood LA Times 6-4-1931
Mourn HJ Whitley The Father of Hollywood LA Herald 6-5-1931
HJ Whitley Obit. Father of Hollywood 11 Jun 1931
Canadian Examiner Interview with author Gaelyn Whitley Keith - part 1
Canadian Examiner Interview with author Gaelyn Whitley Keith - part 2
Canadian Examiner Interview with author Gaelyn Whitley Keith - part 3
How Hollywood became Hollywood 7-5-2012
Washington Post Teddy Roosevelt speech Whitley Bank 7-4-1886 (Dickinson, D.T.), 7-4-1886