About The Author

Gaelyn Whitley Keith was raised in Manhattan Beach, California, a stone's throw from Hollywood. Gaelyn went to college at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo in the early 1970’s and spent the years after college traveling around the country and the world, writing short stories and working for South Bay Magazine. She has been awarded top honors in national writing competitions.

Gaelyn discovered her longing to be a writer when she was a child listening to her mother’s imaginative true stories about Hollywood. In adolescence, encouraged by English teachers who described her as a “born writer,” she began writing her own stories, as well as keeping prolific journals that chronicled her experiences, both internal and external, a practice she has continued throughout her life.

Today Gaelyn lives beside a lake, with her husband Randy. She writes in a book-lined upstairs study where she can look out at the lake and wildlife. She is writing a script for a mini series!