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Watch fact #7 to learn how Hollywood got it's name.

Library of Congress Original Movie 1903

Watch to the end of the movie. H J Whitley is the man getting into the carriage wearing a bowler. He rides off with Teddy Roosevelt. Click on the picture to see the movie.

The Whitley Papers

Margaret Virginia (Gigi) Whitley's Diary Naming of Hollywood 1886
National Registry of Historic Places United States Department of the Interior Heritage Conservation and Recreation Service 1982

Historic Preservation Groups:

Conference of California Historical Societies
Whitley Heights
Los Angeles Conservancy - Holly Hill Terrace
Los Angeles Conservancy - Milner Road University of California - H J Whitley purchased Hurd Home 1899
Historical Landmark Data Base 1911


Britannica - H J Whitley
Britannica - Hollywood California
World Heritage Encyclopedia Hobart Johnstone Whitley

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HJ Whitley Gravesite:

Hobart Johnstone (HJ) Whitley Gravesite
HJ Whitley Gravesite

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H. J. Whitley, pg. 62, 1890
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The Owensmouth Baby: The Making of the San Fernando Valley Town
Corcoran California
Find A Grave

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Book Reviews of The Father of Hollywood:

D Fowler
Another Review at MyShelf.Com
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Books About Hollywood:

Who's Who in Los Angles County 1927
Who's who in the Pacific Southwest page 391
Los Angeles from the mountains to the sea : with selected biography 1921 pgs. 814-817
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Hollywood 1900-1950 in Vintage Postcards
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Hollywood: the movie lover's guide : the ultimate insider tour to movie L.A. page 47-50
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Ivar Weid page 93 and 95 Unexpected Death 1901 made it impossibl for Ivar Weid to reveal how Hollywood got its name.