Whitley's Hollywood

H. J. Whitley was given the title "Father of Hollywood" because on October 26, 1911 he convinced the first movie studio to make Hollywood its home. Nestor Studio, was established by David Horsley. The Nestor Company leased Blondeu Tavern for thirty dollars a month, and built the first Hollywood film stage ever on the northwest corner of Sunset and Gower. Eventually it would evolve into Universal Studios. Not only did H. J. Whitley bring the movie studios to Hollywood, he also left his personal footprint throughout the entire town.

Light In The Darkness

If you’ve spent any time in Hollywood driving along the 101 Hollywood Freeway, then you’ve likely noticed the giant, illuminated cross on top of a hill just to the north of Whitley Heights. Every time we drove by this Cross, most of us wondered why is it there.

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