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Over 100 Towns

HJ Whitley is the Father of Hollywood. Besides naming the town in 1886 he also got the first movie studio to settle in Hollywood on October 26, 1911. It might surprise some of you to learn that he also was the founding father for these towns: Addington, Agawam, Amorita, Agusta, Aline, Anadarko, Apache, Avondale, Belleview, Bickford, Billings, Binger, Bison, Bowie, Boyd, Breckenridge, Bridgeport, Canoga Park, Canute, Chattanooga, Chickasha, Chico, Cleo, Clinton, Comanche, Concho, Corcoran, Cropper, Daley, Darlington, Darrow, Doxey, Dover, Driftwood, Duncan, El Reno, Elk city, Enid, Erick, Faxon, Ferguson, Foss, Gerber, Geary, Ceronimo, Goodwell, Gotebo, Gracemont, Grandfield, Greenfield, Guymon, Gutherie, Harrah, Hastings, Hennessey, Hext Ranch, Hitchcock, Hicks, Hinton, Hobart, Holdenville, Holiday, Hollywood, Homestead, Hooker, Indianapolis, Ingersoll, Isabella, Komalty, Kremlin, Jefferson, Junction, Kidder, Kingfisher, Lahoma, Lambert, Lathram, Lawton, Lone Wolf, Lookeba, Lynn City, Mangum, Marlow, Medford, Meno, Merritt, Minco, Mountain View, Newark, Okarche, Okeene, Olney, Optima, Norden, Paradise, Park Springs, Parkersburg, Pile Spur, Pocasset, Ponca City, Pond Creek, Randlett, Renfrow, Reseda, Richards, Ringgold, Ringwood, Roman Nose, Terrill, Tinney, Tyrone, Union, Van Nuys, Walter, Walthall, Watonga, Waukomis, and Waurika. Below is a picture of a historical marker from the town of Gutherie Oklahoma. This is the first town founded in the Oklahoma Run.