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“Whitley! Whitley!” #1

“Col. Griffith lips parted, and from beneath his heavy, well waxed mustache issued salutation and words of praise for the indomitable courage, indefatigable effort and patriotic spirit of Mr. Whitley, whose record of town building along the Northern Pacific Railway and the great territory of Oklahoma made him a national benefactor.  Congratulating Hollywood upon possessing such a citizen, Col Griffith then folded up and pocketed his notes and was seated.

H J Whitley standing under the Hotel Hollywood sign to meet his guests.

“Whitley! Whitley!” from all sides, brought Mr. H. J. Whitley reluctantly to his feet, his large, smooth face radiant with blushes for the Col. Griffith’s compliments, and looking extremely young for his six feet two and broad square shoulders.  Mr. Whitley chided the genial Colonel for protesting too much and again made clear that the Colonel’s great gift and other benefactions made him the outstanding citizen of Southern California; and then explained no one could accomplish great things unless environed by the cooperative spirit of “such great men as we have with us tonight, when all things are possible.  As Mr. Whitley took his seat, General Sherman was called for, and removing his arm from the back of Mr. Sandison’s chair, he raised his portly person to state that his speech of the evening might be summed up in five words; and with a sweeping gesture that encompassed both ends of the table he said: “Behold what God hath wrought” and resumed his seat.  Mr. DeLongpre was introduced and complimented Mr. Whitley.”

Reference: History of Hollywood by Edwin O Palmer page 116 (1938)