Posted: Friday, October 12th, 2007 by Gaelyn Whitley Keith

Do you have a secret—something hidden deep down struggling to get out? I did. It's something that has been dwelling beneath the surface for more than one hundred years. It's something I promised my mother I would tell the world about. At last the truth needs to be revealed.

Don't miss your chance to find out the true story of the founding of Hollywood. Discover what happens when passion, romance, and business come together in this amazing true heartwarming saga. Or give it as a special gift this Christmas to a dear friend. There's nothing quite like the pleasure of a good book, is there? The Father of Hollywood by Gaelyn Whitley Keith is now on sale at

It’s a wonderful life!
Gaelyn Whitley Keith

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  • Jim Friday

    Everyone has things we have not told or may not want to talk about. I can talk about my secrets if put in the right spot in the 5 realms of human existence. Few know what the 5 realms of human existence are; Internally...Spirit, Soul, Body, Externally... Social and Financial. Finally we have a foundation to make quality decisions in the 5 realms. I challenge all to check it out.

  • mary alice gerken...impy

    I enjoyed your book. Waiting for the next one. I enjoyed the pictures of the women of Hollywood. I could name some but others could not. beautiful production. Hugs...........impy

  • nSFVIPDpixale

    AtVJCh Excellent article, I will take note. Many thanks for the story!

  • npTKmrszsSDFnF

    I went to tons of links boefre this, what was I thinking?

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