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H. J. Whitley Annual Progress Edition of The Hollywood Citizen Part 2

H. J. Whitley’s Hollywood holdings amounted to 480 acres and the good roads, boulevards, electric lines and the roads through Cahuenga Pass and Laurel Canyon are largely his work.

Hollywood with all its beautiful features having been created, H. J. Whitley turned his eyes to the great San Joaquin Valley. Here again he associated with him a number of businessmen of the first magnitude to march by his side. A tract of 45,000 acres were secured, where at a rub of the Aladdin lamp, Corcoran sprang into being. The new city had its bank, schools, hotel and other industries of a prosperous community, developing into one of the greatest dairying and cotton sections, largely though Whitley’s efforts.

Whitley San Fernando Valley Home

Corcoran being created, Whitley next undertook a notable development project in the San Fernando ago, and take a spin along Sherman Way, one of the finest boulevards in the world, take a run through the subordinate systems of boulevards and make a survey of the electric line now building. If anything, more astonishing has ever been created within twelve months out of the raw, it would be difficult to name it. Over five million dollars’ worth of property has already been sold off this tract and Mr. Whitley’s general management has resulted in the greatest development anywhere in the United States or perhaps in the world. Mr. Whitley has 80 acres in his home living rooms, dens, billiard parlor and library. The grounds will be made beautiful by the most expert landscape gardener. With such a country house and the hill home in Hollywood, even H. J. Whitley might be satisfied.

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