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Creativity is a life long adventure!

People often ask me, "How did you find the time to write "The Father Of Hollywood" when you were working? What motivated you to keep going?

For most of the six years that I worked on the true story of the founding of Hollywood I had a full-time job as a Realtor that often kept me busy in the evenings and on weekends. As a result, I plodded along ever so slowly on my book. There were many who thought I was foolishly hopeful. One never knows if publication awaits, or merely the desk drawer.

One reason I persevered is that I knew that vital history would be lost forever if I did not complete the project. It occurred to me that no where else in the world could you find the true history about the founding of Hollywood. Over the years many had tried to take credit for events they played little or no part in.

I was surprisingly motivated while visiting the Dickens House in London. This is where Dickens lived for a couple of years as a young man and wrote Oliver Twist. I was struck by how faithfully he managed to produce his work. He's the perfect example of grinding out words on a schedule, but what words and what stories.

As a writer I have experienced bad days and bad months. But I think the most important thing for any creative person is to set aside time for the work, and then remove judgment about what happens when you're doing it. Creativity is a life long adventure.

What I have found over the years is my great-grandparents voices became more distinct and alive to me. That's what made me want to rush back to complete the saga. The book is a love story in which many of life's lesson are learned.