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Whitley Building Disney California Adventure

See…the video here is the Whitley Building in Disney’s….California Adventure. I want to give you a little of its history. The Disney Corporation wanted to expand Disneyland after 50 years of phenomenal success. Disneyland wanted to offer the world a bit of California history from Walt Disney’s perspective. We all know that Walt Disney was one of the early pioneers of the Golden Age of Hollywood.

The Disney designers selected the building on the corner of Hollywood Blvd and Whitley Ave because of its art deco design ….and because it is sitting on the very spot where the first Hollywood Movie Studio filmed. The building was given the name the Whitley Building to honor HJ Whitley, the father of Hollywood. HJ had invited William Horsley and his crew to stay at his Hotel Hollywood. The next day Nestor Studio used the Whitley property that was located at 6601 Hollywood Blvd to do a film test.

You can find the Whitley Building near the entrance of Hollywood Studios in Disney California Adventure.