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Movie Filmed on Whitley Land

Here is a copy of a letter written by HJ Whitley to his daughter grace:

My Dearest Grace:
I have written your mother twice about the movies. Hoot Gibson and his company of 48 are here at the hotel getting ready to take a picture on our lands centering most of their scenes at the "Homestead". They all seem to be very high class people. I have met the Directors, the Art Director and Hoot Gibson.

The pictures they are taking in many ways carries out many of the points of my method of development through my life's work. They expect to be here most of this week. This picture should be a big ad for the sale of the lands we want to sell.

The director, Breezy Easton has specially spoken about having children here and that it would be fine to have them as the grandchildren of the owner of the ranches. They say that they heard that my grandchildren, Virginia and Billy, are unusually bright and attractive children and would I think make it very interesting for them if they come.

This is the opportunity of a life time to see them making a picture right on our lands and for featuring our property. I will appreciate it very much if you can come up and bring the children.

Your affectionate Father,
H. J. Whitley