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The American Historical Society 1921 Part One

I find I enjoying reading historical books that have recorded the correct history about H J Whitley.

H. J. Whitley. While there is a generous and widespread appreciation of the magnificant results achieved in developing many of the beautiful districts around Los Angeles, it is not generally understood how much of the credit is due the guiding genius and inspiration of a few far-sighted and public spirited individuals. Some of the best examples of this development, notably at Hollywood, have not proceeded from the haphazard and undirected enterprise of a community and its inhabitants, but from a powerful connection of effort originating largely in a single man or organization.

Those intimately informed as to the history of progress and development in the wonderful section of Los Angeles north of the city proper, including Hollywood and the San Fernando Valley, are aware that the results acheived are due largely to the silent workings, plans and energies of H. J. Whitley. Mr. Whitley exemplifies in an eminent degree that broadly constructive spirit and genius for development which makes communities and cities. Mr. Whitley's forte has not only consisted in town development, the usual scope of his enterprise having extended over much greater area than that prescribed in any single town site.

Los Angeles From the Mountains to the Sea
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Los Angeles From the Mountains to the Sea

Los Angeles from the Mountains to the Sea: With Selected Biography of Actors and Witnesses to the Period of Growth and Achievement; Volume 3
The American Historical Society
New York 1921