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More Dreams!

It is interesting that Cecil B. Da Mille’s first film, The Squaw Man, was the first feature film shot in Hollywood. His last, The Ten Commandments, remains a box-office legend. This reminds me of one of the concerns that H J Whitley had with the motion picture industry. He realized there is great power in words. They are the things that create dreams. What type of positive dreams is Hollywood currently producing? How are they bringing communities together? How are actors helping their fellow man?

Over 13 years ago I had a very disturbing dream similar to the ones Gigi use to have. It had to do with the consequences people would pay for evil deeds they were doing behind the scenes. They were sure no one would catch them, but the times are changing. The secrets will soon be revealed. Hollywood, please wake up and do what is truthful and righteous before it is too late.