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Whitley's Concerns!

H J Whitley had one major concern when bringing the movie industry to Hollywood. He realized the power words had over others. He was often heard saying, “Those who think they can and those who don’t, are both right. Be the one who says you can.” Movie moguls and actors need to decide if they are showing their audience how to overcome a test or trail or leading them down a path of temptation. Test and trials are learning experiences to overcome adversity. Temptation leads to corruption and ultimately downfall. What would HJ think of Hollywood today? Are the movies the studios produce helping us overcome and come together for the betterment of mankind? H J Whitley always encouraged others to work together. He set an example for others to follow. He even bought out the remaining assets of the Suburban Home Company to keep his business partners from foreclosing on homeowners who were experiencing difficult times because of a turn in the economy. How is Hollywood faring today? Let me know what you think. Tell me the good things you have heard.