Posted: Monday, September 10th, 2007 by Gaelyn Whitley Keith

Dear Readers:

Over the last year, I have traveled across the country and met with readers like you, who showed up to hear me speak about The Father of Hollywood. I have received countless letters and e-mails in support of The Father Of Hollywood, and have always been moved by how passionately readers continue to embrace my first historic memoir.

In my encounters with readers--be it in person, or by letter/e-mail--I've answered every imaginable question. But one that kept coming up -and one for which I still do not have an answer is "When is the next book coming out?"

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  • Tim Angers

    Describing a life in a book is always a daunting task. Editing of details is an inevitability. Still, there are some stories that I would like more detail on, and those involve the other major players in the early Hollywood "movers and shakers" group. Wilcox, Beveridge, Chandler, Sherman, Talmadge, Cole, Mascarel, Otis, Griffith, Hancock. He knew all these people, and I'm sure that there were a lot of meetings between them and HJ that have had lasting consequences. The other part that interests me is what became of the family. What did they do, who had kids, and where are they now?

  • Gaelyn Whitley Keith

    Many of the answers you are looking for will appear in the sequel to "The Father Of Hollywood." The first book was designed around the memoir that Gigi herself had begun to write. There are many more chapters to the Whitley Family saga.

  • Jack Sprah

    I would like to know about all the towns he started.

  • Randy Whitley Keith

    We are writing a pilot screenplay for a mini series or it may turn into a multi-seasonal streaming program on Hulu, Amazon or HBO.

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