Posted: Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 by Gaelyn Whitley Keith

Can you help us get H J Whitley into the California Hall of Fame?

Link to nomination form<

Nominee's Name:
H J Whitley

Whitley was the “Father of Hollywood.” He was able to convince the majority of producers, directors and actors to settle in Hollywood forever branding it as the film capital of the world.

Lasting Contribution:
Made Hollywood the film capital of the world.

He never forgot a favor; nor did he fail to note a kindness. His prime directives were to always do what he felt was right and to keep his word.

Just cut and paste the answers into the entry form at the California Museum Hall of Fame entry form. Thanks for your support.

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  • Peter Cobb

    An incredible man that certainly deserves to be in the California Hall of Fame.

  • Chris Davis

    My first apartment when I moved into LA was in a mediterranean-style house on Whitley Terrace. The area was referred to as the Hollywood Hills. From my single apt I could see Catalina Island on a clear day. My balcony was in the tree tops. I called it "my tree house".

    A few years ago, I took Whit (my son) up there to see it -- drove right to the house after 40+ years! Amazing! I really
    enjoyed living up there. Many residents were studio people.

    Your grandfather was one busy and accomplished man! That mold is broken!

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