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Rudolph Valentino was a neighbor of HJ and Gigi Whitley. They all lived in Whitley Heights and would often run into each other on walks. Grace Whitley enjoyed taking dancing lessons from Valentino. One of Valentinp's most popular romantic movies starred the controversial Italian actor in a new sexy way. A sex symbol at the time, Valentino was typified by his alternative look. He was the complete opposite of the macho masculinity expected of American men at the time and was rejected by American men, who were also jealous of his popularity with women.

A hit with women, Valentino played exotic parts of men in power, like Sheik Ahmed Ben Hassan in The Sheik. The conventional plot follows a headstrong independent woman who falls in love with a traditional man who denies his attraction to her wildness. A typical romantic film, The Sheik (and Valentino), however, revealed a longing by American women to be seen by society.

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On December 18, 1902 a banquet was held to celebrate the opening of the Hotel Hollywood. H. J. Whitley was the president of the Hotel Hollywood. Below is the program from the event and some historical postcards of the Hotel Hollywood.

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Over the years I have enjoyed working with the Hollywood Chamber to help premote the movie industry. I am the one on the left.


One of my favorite times is working the Academy Awards and speaking with the Foreign Press. I know they will be excited to learn that the book The Father Of Hollywood has been optioned by

Dreamstreet Entertainment

The script is under way for a series about the creation of Hollywood. Look for more news as it develops.

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HJ Whitley is the Father of Hollywood. Besides naming the town in 1886 he also got the first movie studio to settle in Hollywood on October 26, 1911. It might surprise some of you to learn that he also was the founding father for these towns: Addington, Agawam, Amorita, Agusta, Aline, Anadarko, Apache, Avondale, Belleview, Bickford, Billings,

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